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FBI Agents investigate a variety of cases, from bank robberies, kidnappings, white-collar frauds and scams to counter-intelligence and terrorist matters. Once an agent leaves the FBI, either through retirement or by just resigning, they always look back and remember the one or two cases that stand out, either because of their national or international significance or just because the case was a challenge and one they enjoyed investigating, taking to court and getting a conviction. In other words, putting the bad guys away.

Many of the non-fiction books on this website are about these kind of cases - about a former FBI Agent writing the intimate and unknown details of an investigation, details that only the investigating agent would know. The case may have been highly publicized or not publicized at all, but one the agent felt was important and interesting enough to put into a book.

You'll also find books where an FBI Agent risked life and limb by going undercover and infiltrating the Mafia, a motorcycle gang, an anti-government organization or terrorist group in order to obtain intelligence and collect evidence needed for trial.

Or the book could be a work of fiction with made up names, places and events, but even these books are based on the investigators personal knowledge and experiences and, in many cases, I would bet, represent a compilation of several of their actual cases.

Take your time and peruse the books on this site. You will find hardcover, paperback, audio and e-books. Come back often and bookmark this site, because we are regularly adding new and not-so-new titles that might interest you, the reader. Thanks for visiting.

Jim Sniegocki

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