Books writting by FBI agents

Fictional books by former FBI agents

A Year in Fear:A Rookie Detective's First 12 Month

Author: Harold Gossett
A woman, in her small home town, takes a shot at being a police detective. She discovers much more than she bargained for - murders, gangs, rapes, swindles and child molesters, just to name a few of her cases. She overcomes threats to herself, her mother and her FBI Agent lover, while struggling with her passion for the agent, but not without paying a price for her daring.
Publishing Date:2013-10-21

Air Force 2 is Down - A Ben Douglas FBI Thriller

Author: Richard D. Schwein, Sr.
AF 2, carrying the Vice President and the Secretary of Defense, is hit by a missile while on it's approach to Andrews Air Force Base. All are killed and Inspector Ben Douglas is placed in charge of this apparent terrorist attack. He learns that the security detail was sent home early and the plane diverted to a sex and gambling club on an island off the Florida coast. Douglas is teamed with a female Secret Service Agent and is working directly for the President. Posing as high rollers, he and the Secret Service Agent spend a weekend on the island and find that the VP and Secretary were there with girls from an escort service. They also determine that the target of the attack was the Secretary of Defense who was resigning to resume control of his mega billion defense conglomerate. His Board of Directors, who were stealing from the company, wanted him gone.
Publishing Date:2013-09-15

All Fools Down

Author: Einar Joe Bohlin
Will Bennett and Larry Thompson are roommates at the Air Force Academy although they got there through different paths. Will comes from a modest background and joined the Air Force after high school and worked his way into the Academy. Larry comes from a well-to-do family, but chose a life of evil. His father and uncle force him into the Academy to teach him some discipline. A story of discovery and deception.
Publishing Date:December 21, 2009

Benjamin Field: Ascent (Benjamin Field Trilogy 2)

Author: J. J. Knights
Jeremy Kyner, now a teenage boy, becomes the focus of his teachers animosity because of his infirmity. With the help of two dedicated school friends and an unconventional Jewish blacksmith, he takes to the sky, defeating his teachers plans to institutionalize him and forcing her to divulge her own dark secret.
Publishing Date:2015-04-01

Benjamin Field: Emancipation (Benjamin Field Tr..)

Author: J. J. Knights
Book Three opens as America is on the cusp of WWII. Jeremy Kyner, now a man, is barred from military service at a time when America is almost defenseless against marauding German submarines. Finally, joining a group of volunteer civilian pilots that represents the country's best hope to counter the Germans, Jeremy confronts a deadly enemy from an unexpected quarter and is offered a chance of achieving final emancipation.
Publishing Date:2015-04-01

Benjamin Field: Rescue (Benjamin Field Trilogy 1)

Author: J. J. Knights
A widowed farmer suffers an unspeakable loss during WW1. Burdened with grief, he learns from his nemesis, a dogmatic Catholic priest, that his son's fiance has given birth to their crippled child. Unable to cope with the child's deformity and confounded by his illegitimate birth, the farmer is battered by those closest to him with accusations of cruelty and intolerance until he finally reveals his true feelings and the reasons underlying his apparent bigotry.
Publishing Date:2015-04-01

Bioterror - A Ben Douglas FBI Thriller

Author: Richard D. Schwein, Sr.
A letter, stating the writer is in possession of Ebola virus taken from CDC and demanding millions of dollars or it will be used, is received at the White House. Inspector Ben Douglas and a CDC scientist are leading the investigation. The extortionist states a demonstration will prove his ability. A quantity of the virus is released in the ventilation system of a cruise ship resulting is illness and death for many passengers and crew members. The investigation identifies a retired scientist from CDC and his two cousins as responsible. A desperate effort gets underway to locate the subjects before another catastrophe occurs. The trail takes them from North Carolina to Georgia to New Orleans and ultimately, to Los Angeles.
Publishing Date:2013-08-13

Bricklayer, The

Author: Noah Boyd
Steve Vail is an ex-FBI Agent who's been fired for insubordination, but is lured back to the Bureau to work a case that has become unsolvable. Vail has resigned himself to his life as a bricklayer, but Deputy Assistant Director Kate Bannon needs help with a shadowy group that's killing people and extorting the FBI. Someone in this group knows a little too much about the inner workings of the FBI and Vail's options, and his time to find answers, are quickly running out.
Publishing Date:January 26, 2010

Bridger: Deadly Peril

Author: L. Sanford Nance
Former FBI Assistant Director Ted Bridger returns to duty after 9/11 and heads a new unit to pursue and attack terrorists. The investigators of the Federal Investigative and Strategic Team (FIST) work in deadly peril.
Publishing Date:May 28, 2007

Cached Out

Author: Russell Atkinson
Former FBI Agent Russell Atkinson, in his second Cliff Knowles mystery, tells a harrowing tale of how an innocent hobby of geocaching goes horribly wrong. Cliff, now retired from the FBI, finds a skeleton in the woods, reports it to the sheriff and becomes a prime suspect in multiple murders, old and new. The case takes a bizarre turn when the skeleton turns out to be a fugitive he was supposed to have arrested years ago. Then, one of the investigators turns out to be an old flame and things heat up.
Publishing Date:September 22, 2012

Caribbean Conspiracy-A Ben Douglas FBI Thriller

Author: Richard D. Schwein, Sr.
Puerto Rico's representative to the Congress is murdered signaling a resurgent Puerto Rican terrorist movement. Inspector Ben Douglas is teamed with a female Secret Service Agent to lead the investigation. Early, they discover a renegade CIA officer and a former KGB defector providing weapons and explosives to the terrorists in exchange for drugs. A trail of murder and destruction goes from Washington through New York and into San Juan. The Hostage Rescue Team is brought in when the terrorist hideout is located. Douglas and his partner fly to St. Martin to meet with a CIA team and try to arrange the removal of the Russian to US jurisdiction.
Publishing Date:2013-06-19

Chicago Warriors: Midnight Battles in the Windy ..

Author: John M. Wills
Follow Chicago police officers Pete Shannon and Marilyn Benson as they patrol the midnight shift on the violent and dangerous streets of Chicago. Pete and his wife face a marital crisis, while Marilyn must decide between good and evil. A riveting thriller.
Publishing Date:Select Date

Comes the Spider

Author: J. Fred Davis
Ernest Hart is Spider and his handlers in St. Louis tell him he is the best jewel thief in the world. Spider works alone, with guidance only from his angel, a deep cover Israeli Mossad agent on loan to the CIA and the FBI. Spider scores millions for the mob and is then rewarded by the murder of his girl friend when the mob fears she will testify for the FBI. Spider readjusts his sights and targets the mob safe house for his biggest score ever. Spider's weapon of choice is stealth. He prefers to be in and out of a target location without discovery. The Mossad agent, Irene, has no such scruples and kills when necessary.
Publishing Date:2011-05-23

Daughter of the Devil-A Ben Douglas FBI Thriller

Author: Richard D. Schwein, Sr.
In an Iowa town, an FBI Agent is accused of murder. He claims self-defense. Inspector Ben Douglas is sent with a team to investigate. The Agent becomes an apparent suicide. Investigation determines he was murdered, but was involved with a satanic cult. The cult, headed by a woman who thinks she is Satan's daughter, practices Satanic ritual and operates criminal enterprises. A cable new reporter is taken hostage and is prepared for ritual sacrifice. Douglas and his team rescue her and arrest the cult members. In mid-winter, Douglas returns for the trial. The cult leaders escape, snatch the reporter and, in a raging blizzard, hole up in a farmhouse. They demand Douglas exchange himself for the reporter setting up a violent final confrontation.
Publishing Date:2013-07-25

Death of Lizbeth Ghika

Author: Ken Aldridge
This is a mystery about the death of a 16 year old gypsy girl, young romance, holistic medicine and insights into the criminal lifestyles of gypsies. Read about Lizbeth's death, how did she die, was it suicide or murder? Author Aldridge takes his readers back to the small fictional town of Lake City, where his first three books took place. A Chief of Police, his frustrations of the job, his love life and some of the town's characters are again woven into this latest book. The author's other three books are "Triage of Troubles," "Enticing Evils" and "Murder's Shadow."
Publishing Date:2015-02-06

Death Row

Author: Russell Atkinson
When a court ruling once again halts the carrying out of the death sentences of hundreds of condemned murderers, a frustrated vigilante organization decides to take matters into it's own hands. In a mysterious and grizzly act of horror, San Quentin's entire population of condemned prisoners is executed in the dark of the night. But how? And who are these vigilantes? Answering those questions falls to retired FBI Agent Cliff Knowles, now a successful lawyer. His lover, Special Agent Ellen Kennedy, is intent on completing a geocaching challenge known as the Fizzy Challenge, but inadvertently turns Cliff into suspect number one by going for one cache too many. She has no doubt Cliff is innocent, but he's kept a secret from her. He's kept a secret from everyone - and he knows that her faith in him is misplaced. His only chance of keeping Ellen in his life, perhaps even of staying off death row himself, is to get critical evidence before the FBI does.
Publishing Date:2014-09-23

Devil's Darning Needle, The

Author: Ben Furman
Frank Durazo is an undercover FBI Agent trying to thwart a terrorist plot to kill some world leaders. Personal entanglements complicate his job not to mention the lack of support from his superiors.
Publishing Date:April 16, 2007

Dirty Boys

Author: John Ligato
Dirty Boys is the tale of John Booker, a former Marine and an undercover FBI Agent, who's assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force. He uncovers an international terrorist plot to destroy America. Unable to convince his bosses of the terrorist plot, he goes rogue and forms his own task force of misfits who are comfortable with working "off the books." His task force includes two other FBI Agents and two police officers from the Cleveland Police Department, all of whom are "Dirty Boys."
Publishing Date:Select Date

Donnie Brasco Deep Cover

Author: Joseph Pistone
The author, a former FBI Agent, was undercover in the Mafia for six years and has written several books detailing his nerve wracking and dangerous experiences as Donnie Brasco. In this book, he uses those experiences to write a fictional account of an undercover FBI Agent rooting out political corruption in South Florida and,while assisting another Agent, runs into a backwoods criminal enterprise in the Everglades as well as a hurricane, both of which come close to finishing him off.
Publishing Date:April 1, 1999

End Game - A Ben Douglas FBI Thriller

Author: Richard D. Schwein, Sr.
As the Director of the FBI is giving a speech in a hotel ballroom in Philadelphia, a gang enters and starts shooting. The Director is wounded, the Special Agent in Charge of the Philadelphia office is killed as well as a Philadelphia Deputy Police Commissioner. Inspector Ben Douglas is sent to Philadelphia to take charge of the investigation. During a series of attacks, one of the gang members is killed and he turns out to be a high school student attending an all-boys academy run by an educator from Germany. Legal Attache, Berlin, advises that this headmaster's family has a long history in Nazi affairs during WWII and after. Undercover agents disclose that the Headmaster and a small group of students have formed The New Nazi Party Waffen SS. When the FBI closes in, the group moves to a fortified old house in the New Jersey Pine barrens. Douglas is faced with arresting the barricaded gang without killing a group of teenagers.
Publishing Date:2014-01-16

Enemies Among Us: A Novel

Author: Bob Hamer
The author uses his 25 years experience as an undercover FBI Agent to develop this fictional, but realistic story. Undercover FBI Agent Matt Hogan is in trouble with his boss. He only totaled three vehicles in his pursuit of an Arab drug runner. Now, to save himself, he has agreed to go undercover as a volunteer at a Christian hospital, suspected of assisting terrorist cell groups. He soon finds out, as he puts his own life in peril, that this assignment is of nation-saving importance.
Publishing Date:March 1, 2010

Enemy Past

Author: Matthew Laird
A hot war followed by a cold war. The first, identifiable by it's sheer destruction and inhumanity. The second, largely hidden in the shadows, was equally threatening. Both played out in New York City, relatively unseen. Following WWII, NYC became the epicenter of Cold War intrigue. For FBI Agents assigned to the New York Office, many careers were made and broken combating the Soviet Intelligence apparatus. Howard Brooks proudly served during WWII. He survived, only to join the FBI and enter a new war, undefined by borders, but clear and present. For Special Agent Brooks, serving in NYC was an honor. Little did he know what he would sacrifice, and how it would change him and those he fought on the front lines of the Cold War.
Publishing Date:2014-04-12

Enticing Evils

Author: Ken Aldridge
This is a sequel to Aldridge's first book, "Triage of Troubles." Small town Texas Chief of Police Jim Travis is the subject of a murder plot. As the story progresses, we see evidence of romance, greed, racial prejudice and sexual abuse. His professional and personal life is turned upside down as women attempt to seduce him. Will Travis prevail?
Publishing Date:Select Date

Faith of Our Fathers

Author: Robert R. Glendon
Wall Street financier and friend of the President, Victor Lohr, is abducted in front of his Gramercy Park row house by terrorists demanding the release of political prisoners. Judson Munro, former FBI Agent and corporate crisis advisor, is hired by Lohr's company to negotiate his release. Unknown to the terrorists, the FBI or Munro, Victor Lohr is a covert illegal agent of the GRU, Russian Army Intelligence. The GRU frees Lohr through a brutal but clever ruse. Munro doubts Lohr's story of his escape and in pursuing the truth, uncovers his secret identity and mission for the GRU. In a tense confrontation with GRU officers, he faces the reality of his impending death.
Publishing Date:Select Date

Fatal Dose

Author: Russell Atkinson
In Fatal Dose, the author weaves a suspenseful tale of high technology gone wrong. The third installment in the popular Cliff Knowles Mysteries series finds Cliff retired from the FBI and practicing law, but what he expected to be a sedate white-collar practice catapults him into harms way. The manufacturer of cancer treatment devices suspects that someone is sabotaging it's devices and hires Cliff to get to the bottom of the problem. What he finds brings him face to face with death.
Publishing Date:2013-09-13

FBI Code Name: Sharks-Fighting Washington Corrup..

Author: Jim Healy
Third in the series of FBI Special Agent Del Dickerson thrillers, Sharks details the battle of Dickerson and Associates to disrupt illegal million-dollar deals between unscrupulous lobbyists and corrupt Washington legislators. Rookie female Agent Lola Stanley goes undercover as an Atlantic City chorus girl in order to penetrate the conspiracy. Unpredictable Del Dickerson continues his romantic entanglements in the arms of Amerasian beauty Anna Chen. The FBI Hostage Rescue Team brings the plot to a thrilling climax with a hair-raising drop at sea from hovering helicopters. The author dedicates this book to the women of the FBI - Agents, support staff and spouses.
Publishing Date:2015-09-02

Flamethrower Bandit - A Ben Douglas FBI Thriller

Author: Richard D. Schwein, Sr.
Billy Blake was an unusual bank robber. He used a flame thrower. After he got his cash, he burned the bank injuring employees and customers. Young Special Agent Ben Douglas and Philadelphia Police Detective Amy King-Bauer hunted Blake down and, in a Bucks county farmhouse, Blake was shot and wounded. Years after being convicted and sent to prison, Blake escaped from a prison hospital and decided to pursue his trade in England. After several bank robberies there using a flamethrower, Scotland Yard asked for assistance from the FBI. Now Inspector Ben Douglas and now Special Agent Amy King-Bauer were sent to London to assist. Blake was incensed when he heard that his two nemesis are in London and vowed to torch them. They finally meet in an abandoned warehouse on the River Thames.
Publishing Date:2014-07-28


Author: Harry Gossett
A New York City Private Eye cashes his clients checks at their banks and deposits the cash in his own account (so if his bank account records were subpoenaed, the identity of his clients would be protected.) IRS mistakes him for a money launderer and when he refuses to identify his clients, they seize his property and put him jail for contempt. Upon his release, he is still loyal to his clients while the IRS intimidates him, harasses his sister and continues their attempts to put him away. Cleverly, he handles his patrons urgent demands, dodges the IRS and pursues his love life.
Publishing Date:Select Date

Gator Bait

Author: Keith Slotter
Young women are being murdered across south Florida at an alarming clip and an elite team of investigators is brought together to solve these baffling crimes. Det. Marty Tanner, considered brilliant by his peers, is nearing the end of his career in homicide. His partner, Det. Parker Reese is young, brash and cock-sure, at least on the surface. Enter Nancy Albright, a WQMT field reporter and Parker's former girl friend, who knows what buttons to push to get the story. The team relies heavily on an FBI Behavioral Scientist who steers them to one of several solutions, but nothing and no one is ever as it first seems. With the whole of south Florida in a state of panic and law enforcement's best and brightest struggling to find answers, Marty quietly builds a radical theory,unlike anything ever seen before....
Publishing Date:Select Date

Gay Panic in the Ozarks

Author: Ed Bethune
Wounds and prejudices stemming from the Civil War, the Great Depression and other conflicts run deep in the Ozark hill country. These frailties, like the scab of a putrid wound, will from time to time reopen and ooze pus. In the tumultuous year of 1968, a farmer stumbles onto the gruesome scene of a hate crime: the lynching of a young gay man whose mangled body has been left hanging from a tree. Clues abound, but the investigation withers and dies. Thirty eight years later, Aubrey Hatfield and the citizens of Campbell County get a second chance to grapple with man's greatest vice - the refusal to see wrong and do something about it.
Publishing Date:2014-05-14

Good Guys

Author: Joseph Pistone, Bill Bonanno, David Fisher
A Columbia University professor of Russian Literature has gone missing. The Mafia is looking for him and so is beautiful FBI Special Agent Laura Russo. She knows the missing professor is somehow connected to a recent mob hit. While the wise guys are fighting their way through coeds and ugly deeds, Laura cooks up some deeds of her own, turning a disagreement among the wise guys into an all out war.
Publishing Date:2005-01-06

Gripped By Fear

Author: John M. Wills
Chicago police detectives Pete Shannon and Marilyn Benson hunt down a serial rapist preying on women working in downtown Chicago. Politics and the heat of the summer make this thriller sizzle.
Publishing Date:Select Date

Growing Season, The

Author: David M. Hallman
The author was a 25year veteran with the FBI and previously was with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI). The hero of this novel, Hank Monroe, is fresh out of GBI's training class. He is investigating a young lady's disappearance in a small southern town and gets an education in the inner workings and traditions of the Deep South. Facing deceit and corruption and lies by the towns elite, Monroe finds, during his first Growing Season, that all is not what it seems to be and when it comes to murder, there are no winners.
Publishing Date:December 7, 2010

Held for Ransom

Author: Russ Atkinson
The President of Claritiva Software is kidnapped at gunpoint and FBI Agent Cliff Knowles is first to respond. However, in many ways, the kidnap report appears suspicious and the FBI Office is skeptical that the kidnapping is real. Knowles must fight his own bureaucracy while trying to rescue the victim and apprehend the kidnappers. This gripping novel is based on the author's 25 years of experience as an FBI Agent and is set in Silicon Valley in the 90s.
Publishing Date:March 6, 2012

Holdup Number Six (An FBI Novel based on Actual..)

Author: William J. Warner
You can't make this stuff up. The story is about a case once worked on by the author. It features a corrupt state trooper, who organizes a gang of thugs, who follow his lead in carrying out six loosely coordinated holdups of armored trucks or their couriers. Retailers are also at risk. Blending fact with fiction, Warner once again introduces Cy Donovan of the FBI as the lead agent in pursuit of Varnell Evins. The trooper's band of pinheads press on in reckless abandon in a roller-coaster cops and robbers epic with a page turner finish and missing money. Superbly crafted with the zeal of a veteran story-teller, the patois in the dialogue of the characters is retained for authenticity.
Publishing Date:2014-12-10

In Murder's Shadow

Author: Ken Aldridge
A teenager runs for his life using his best friends identity. The KGB wants him after killing his family. His father was a scientist and the FBI is also looking for him. This nationwide manhunt by the KGB and the FBI ends up in Lake City, Texas and illustrates some of the inside operations of both agencies; also the strengths and peculiarities of their agents.
Publishing Date:2013-08-11

Irish Assassin - A Ben Douglas FBI Thriller

Author: Richard D. Schwein, Sr.
Two former IRA leaders, defying the peace process between London and Northern Ireland, launch attacks on diplomatic and commercial establishments in the US. They gather a small group of young Philadelphia Irish-Americans to assist them. The UK sends two police officials with expertise on the IRA to advise and assist the FBI. Inspector Ben Douglas is assigned the task of escorting and assisting the Brits. A bomb attack is made on a British warship making a port call at Annapolis, injuring midshipmen including the First Lady's niece. The Director declares a Special with Douglas in charge. The pursuit leads back to Philadelphia, then New York and finally a showdown in the desert outside El Paso, TX.
Publishing Date:2014-06-24

Last Three Outs, The

Author: John M. Nickols
This is the story of Danny Hill, a one-time bright pitching prospect, whose career appears doomed by a shoulder injury. An act of kindness - a visit to an elderly gentleman in a nursing home - begins one of the great comeback stories in baseball history. Along the way, Danny finds and almost loses the love of his life. He even encounters the mafia. It's good baseball, seasoned with love and a dash of crime. Nickols, an assistant professor of history and political science at Howard Payne University, describes his book as intentionally Christian.
Publishing Date:2014-01-07

Let the Dead Stay Buried

Author: Robert R. Glendon
In this mystery, retired homicide detective Nick James returns to the home of his youth to learn that the accidental death of his father more than 50 years ago was not an accident. While investigating the incident, James uncovers a series of related suicides that he concludes are murders. Complicating his life is his ex-wife, who continues to reject him, and the youthful Jessica, whose designs on him are long term.
Publishing Date:Select Date

Liam's Promise

Author: John F. Picciano
J.W. Mayfair, renowned trial attorney and naval war hero is killed aboard Flight 800 off the coast of Long Island on July 17, 1996. His estranged son, 23 year old Liam, accidentally discovers a recording that reveals the true cause of the crash and he suddenly finds himself in the firestorm of an international terrorist conspiracy and massive government cover-up. Liam teams up with a retired FBI Agent to foil the plot to destroy him, his family and the truth. Liam's Promise is the tale of one man's decision to follow his conscience despite the devastating costs which threaten his family and country.
Publishing Date:2014-11-26

Limbo Chronicles

Author: James L. Whitmer
Combined herein is an account of man's struggle between good and evil, and how, on a daily basis, strange and inexplicable events oftentimes blend together, resulting in unforeseen outcomes. This compilation of short stories from the confines of Limbo will lead the reader on the path to determine outcomes that seldom seem logical, but nonetheless, manifest themselves in unique and singular ways. On one's journey through Limbo, there are many twists and turns, and now, dear reader, begin your journey and see if you can predict the final accounting of the dilemmas presented.
Publishing Date:2014-10-17

Lit Fuse

Author: Mike McPheters
In retired FBI Agent Mike McPheters latest book, he writes about terrorists attacking Americans on American soil. Delisha and Lufti Ahmed, children of Pakistani immigrants, along with five other sibling pairs, were conditioned by Al Quaeda to despise America as an infidel nation. They were raised as potential suicide bombers in the hopes of being exalted into Allah's presence in the hereafter. Everything changes when they encounter two young Mormon missionaries.
Publishing Date:October 8, 2011

Lucky Daze

Author: Jim Healy
This sequel to Flying High, FBI vs. The Mob, features unconventional FBI Agent Del Dickerson swerving from one hair-raising adventure to another as he pursues escaped mob hit men Louie Milano and Sulfer Sal Rinalti, with action exploding in San Francisco,Salt Lake City, Sacramento, Reno and the Sierra Nevada mountains. Dell is joined by attractive blond Agent Janice Wilson as they survive a deadly shoot-out with a psychotic killer. Enjoy the inside look at the lives and loves of memorable FBI investigators, while you laugh at the bumbling antics of Loose Louie and Sulfur Sal.
Publishing Date:2014-12-01

Midnight Sin

Author: Michael Tabman
Becoming a cop changes everything you thought you knew about life. When a rookie cop walks onto the midnight shift, the lines between right and wrong become blurred. Every step he takes and every decision he makes has unforeseen consequences. His life will never be the same. Midnight Sin is an inside look at the dark and mysterious world behind the cop's badge. Rookie cop Gary Hollings quickly learns that wrestling street thugs and arresting drug dealers, while trying to track down a serial rapist is nowhere near as tough as watching his back from his fellow cops. He must also fight his inner demons - ones that he never knew he had until he put on that police uniform. The police world is one of long hours and split second decisions where the choices are not always clear. Midnight Sin is a gritty cop novel that explores the complexities of the cop psyche.
Publishing Date:April 26, 2011

Mile Marker Murders, The

Author: C. W. Saari
A CIA officer disappears and his body is found alongside the corpses of two women near a Northern Virginia highway. A personal friend, Special Agent Tyler Bannister, is taken from a major extortion case involving a biological poison and a multi-million dollar demand, and assigned to a task force set up to find the serial killer before he strikes again.
Publishing Date:November 30, 2011

Mirror in the River, The

Author: Dale Lovin
When a wealthy woman mysteriously disappears near Aspen, CO, former FBI Agent Brad Walker finds that his love of fly-fishing in remote mountain areas has planted him directly in the crosshairs of corrupt politicians and a kingpin in the world of human trafficking. When murdered bodies are discovered in a desolate mountain area, it becomes brutally apparent that the missing woman's life is in peril. Under the weight of this realization, events spiral and, in a long-forgotten mountain canyon and in the midst of a raging storm, Brad Walker faces a lonely confrontation with evil.
Publishing Date:November 10,2011

Mission Trip

Author: Ron Cleaver
While on assignment to East Africa from the FBI Academy, FBI Special Agent Nick Costigan faces ominous life-threatening consequences in this 83,000 word thriller novel. Confronted with challenges emanating from ruthless rebels and corrupt foreign officials, Costigan investigates an assassination, lands in prison on trumped up charges and joins FBI Special Agent Matt Kelly and others in the daring rescue of a kidnapped medical mission team from Fredericksburg, VA.
Publishing Date:2013-09-06

My Baby, My Baby

Author: Ken Aldridge
The strange story of Danielle Cole. A three month old baby is snatched from his stroller at a San Antonio Mall. Witnesses describe a young woman with dark complexion and long brown hair. What causes a person to kidnap a baby? How does it all end? As the story unfolds, follow the bizarre events that led up to the kidnapping. Readers are taken back to the Lake City, TX Police Department and the same cast of characters in the authors first four books.
Publishing Date:2016-01-27

Oyster Navy, The

Author: Dave Faulkner
In 1868, the state of Maryland created a sea-going law enforcement agency to curtail lawlessness on the state's waters, including fights between fishermen and poachers over Chesapeake Bay's oyster beds, called "white gold." This force, dubbed the "Oyster Navy" met violent resistance. This book is a fictionalized account of these violent times.
Publishing Date:October 15, 2010

Oyster Wars, The

Author: Dave Faulkner
The time is 1867, the place Chesapeake Bay, where oystermen battle poachers over "white gold", rich beds of oysters. Haynie McKenna, searching for Landon Wallis, comes up against a network of corruption including an assassin and a cabal of former confederate officers.
Publishing Date:October 1, 2010

Pigeon Spring

Author: Herman Groman
When former FBI Agent Matt Steel retired after 25 years of locking up mobsters and drug dealers and following terrorists, he took a job as Director of Security at a major Las Vegas casino. Alex, his wife of 35 years, thought they could finally relax and enjoy the well deserved benefits of a post-FBI life, especially after they bought the weekend ranch in the mountainous area at the north end of Death Valley. It was remote, wild and had some interesting history associated with it. There was the old gold stamp mill, the mysterious grave of Nancy Walker and the historic Timbisha summer camp of the Desert Shoshone Tribe. Fate, however, takes them on an unexpected path when Alex finds an ancient Native American artifact and their life-long mystical journey called Pigeon Spring begins. The journey of Alex, Matt and his former partner, Charlie, takes them from the glamour and scams of Las Vegas to the beauty and grit of Nevada's rugged gold country. They soon discover that, just like Las Vegas, there are scoundrels and thieves wherever money can be made.
Publishing Date:January 4, 2011

Poisoned Promise

Author: J. Fred Davis
Jack Adams has returned from the war in Afghanistan, but his worst enemy will test all of his old Special Ops skills at home in New Mexico. The Chinese have poisoned agricultural produce and grains in North America and the United States and Canada have been thrown backward to a non-industrial existence. Tribes rule where free governments once governed. Adams is, himself, a medical miracle, having survived disease that confined him to a medical facility buried under a mountain where nuclear warheads were once stored.
Publishing Date:2011-04-09

Ransom or Reward-A Ben Douglas FBI Thriller

Author: Richard D. Schwein
The first of the Ben Douglas FBI Thriller Series. Towards the end of the Vietnam war, a group of students led by a radical professor and an ex-con kidnap the daughter of a wealthy and politically connected Philadelphia Main Line family. SA Ben Douglas, his squad mates and Philadelphia police detectives are charged with rescuing the girl and arresting the kidnappers. The trail leads them from a commune in the city to a house boat used as a safe house and culminates in a barricade situation in rural Lancaster County, PA.
Publishing Date:2013-06-18


Author: Robert M. Beatty
After George Spuri split from his two partners in crime, he promised himself he would accumulate more money by fraud and deceit than both of them combined. Then he met a woman who convinced him he should return with her and kill the detective who had arrested him after charging him with murder. Did he accomplish his goals or not? The answer is a book away.
Publishing Date:2014-04-25

Right to Kill

Author: John Lawe
News reports listed the death as an accident. The grieving widow asks Matt Kinler, FBI Agent turned private eye, to find the killer. His search draws him into a deadly battle over right-to-work laws opposed by corrupt politicians and union leaders. Matt, with his wife Anna, rush to identify a killer, find a bomber before he strikes again. and stop a political power broker who believes he has the right to kill. Set in Oregon, a fast paced mystery with suspense and action written with a Christian world view.
Publishing Date:2016-02-13

River Bottom Rum

Author: James Botting
Former FBI Agent Jim Botting writes a collection of short stories, all fiction, but based on his 30 years experience as an FBI Agent and police officer. A dying CEO with a secret, a busride from hell, a senior citizen with a diabolical plan, a fishing excursion gone bad and a bumbled armored truck robbery are all topics covered by Botting. The lead story covers a band of homeless characters, all losers, living in the river bottom, drunks, thieves, druggies etc. trying to survive a world of violence and tragedy.
Publishing Date:May 22, 2012

Robbery in Progress - A Ben Douglas FBI Thriller

Author: Richard D. Schwein
A gang of graduates of the juvenile justice system led by a hardened criminal robs a bank near the home of the Philadelphia Mafia boss. During the robbery, they shoot and kill a Mafia capo and wound a female Philadelphia detective, the girl friend of Ben Douglas' partner. The case is assigned to Douglas who is teamed with a black female detective. The streets of Philadelphia echo with gunfire and bombings as open warfare erupts between the mob and the robbers. Douglas strives to end the mayhem.
Publishing Date:2014-06-19

Snake Eyes

Author: Joseph Pistone
FBI undercover agent Donnie Brasco tests his skills when he travels to Julep, LA to investigate the Russian mafia, who set up a swank private illegal casino. Problem - the last undercover who went to the bayou never came back.
Publishing Date:2011-11-01

Squad, The - A Ben Douglas FBI Thriller

Author: Richard D. Schwein
J. Edgar Hoover is dead and female agents are hired. Douglas is named training agent for one of the first assigned to Philadelphia, an ex-nun. Douglas, his trainee and other squad members are dispatched to a small coal mining town where a group of jobless Vietnam vets has robbed the towns only bank. In searching for the robbers, Douglas and his trainee are captured by them and must figure a way to turn the tables and escape. The trail leads from the mining town back to Philadelphia and a final confrontation.
Publishing Date:2013-07-25

Supreme Betrayal

Author: Steve Nyman
An Army officer murdered. A ship with deadly cargo bound for the American coast. Only former FBI Agent Andrew Douglas can unravel the plot, but he always plays by the rules. Now, the rules have changed, but the stakes are higher. Threats against his family, a newspaper reporter hot on his heels as he rushes to prevent the deadly assault, all weigh heavily on his moral compass. Even the US Constitution and the very foundation of the American government are at risk. Andrew has found himself in the middle of a maelstrom, with no escape.
Publishing Date:2011-02-28

Swashbuckler: An FBI International Thriller

Author: Ron Cleaver
The author, a former FBI Agent, takes you from the FBI Training Academy in Quantico, VA to the Philippines and Indonesia in this action thriller. FBI Agents Costigan and Kelly hunt down an organized crime syndicate involved in pirating, kidnapping and money laundering.
Publishing Date:October 21, 2008


Author: John M. Wills
A sniper is killing Chicago cops. And, a Catholic priest is arrested for child molestation, but then flees the city. These two unrelated stories come together in an unexpected violent conclusion. Chicago police detectives Pete Shannon and Marilyn Benson battle to find the killer before another cop's life is taken.
Publishing Date:Select Date

Targets Down

Author: Bob Hamer
When an FBI wife is critically wounded and two people are found dead on a mountain pass, FBI Special Agent Matt Hogan is tasked with identifying those responsible. The undercover assignment takes him into the shadow world of Russian organized crime, neo-Nazis and the sex-slave industry. Matt's cover is almost blown twice - once by accident and once by incompetence within the FBI ranks, making violence appear to be his only solution. As he confronts evil, Hogan relies not only on the strength of his wife's faith, but his own quest to find God. He also finds terror and terrorism on this heart-pounding journey.
Publishing Date:June 1, 2011

Tattooed Man

Author: James L. Whitmer
In Tattooed Man, retired FBI Agent James Stone uses his unique talents in criminal profiling and tattoo analysis to track down a serial murderer known as "Devil Man." Along the way, the true reason for the murders is uncovered and linked to a Georgian criminal enterprise operating from Tbilisi, Georgia, and which is involved in fomenting an international coup in the former USSR. Many colorful characters are encountered along the way, including a stark contrast between FBI Agents and Chicago Police Department (CPD) Detectives. James Whitmer, through his unique perspective of 26 years in federal law enforcement and numerous FBI undercover roles, brings out diverging and fascinating personality traits from all characters involved, including personalities from the FBI, ATF, CIA, CPD and even the Israel Mossad.
Publishing Date:2009-02-10

Terror on the Border-A Ben Douglas FBI Thriller

Author: Richard D. Schwein, Sr.
In El Paso, a female FBI Agent and the married Assistant US Attorney she is working with on a Cartel case, are found slashed to death in his bed. His wife, from a prominent Mexican family, is visiting in Mexico City. The Agent was divorced from a DEA Agent who caught her cheating. Chief Inspector Ben Douglas and his team is in charge of the investigation. Is this a Cartel hit, revenge from the family of a betrayed wife, or spurned husband? Investigation shows that the Agent also had an affair with a Doctoral student from a Mid-East country and when she broke off this affair, he became enraged and slapped her around. When confronted by Douglas, he and his followers declared a jihad and vowed to kill Douglas. He follows Douglas back to Washington and there's a final confrontation at Douglas' residence.
Publishing Date:Select Date

Trap Doors: A Novel of FBI International Intrigue

Author: Ron Cleaver
The author, a former FBI Agent, takes us to Budapest, Moscow and Panama City in this tale of foreign intrigue. FBI Agents Nick Costigan and Matt Kelly investigate money laundering, bank fraud and cyber crime when the Russion Mafia targets an American computer consultant looking for a mail order bride.
Publishing Date:November 16, 2006

Triage of Troubles

Author: Ken Aldridge
In former FBI Agent Ken Aldridge's novel, three major crimes, three minor crimes and three different women vye for the attention of the Chief of Police in a small Texas town. A young girl is kidnapped, a probaton violater arrested and a drug pusher comits a traffic violaton. These stories are all woven together. Who's guilty? Who's lying? What deep secrets will be revealed in the Triage of Troubles?
Publishing Date:October 19,2011

Women of Summer

Author: I. B. Wells
The author, an FBI Agent for 26 years, sets this novel in the Blue Ridge Mountains in 1908. Several young women are murdered and the Sheriff, John Woodward, faces the greatest challenge of his career. His persistence, however, leads to a critical discovery as he collides with a mysterious suspect. A love story and psychosexual thriller with moral and religious overtones.
Publishing Date:December 7, 2010

Wooden Hearts

Author: Thomas Trier
Wooden Hearts is a novel which depicts the experience of a retired FBI Agent who takes a job as police chief in a small Wisconsin town. The plot of this science fiction novel involves a college research team experimenting with the combination of nuclear cold fusion and Tesla power coils to generate a wireless power grid. The combination of the two technologies wakes tree spirits in the woods along with their evil brothers in the wood we use in our every day lives. The novel tracks the hero, Tom Kessler, as he sorts through strange developments and diverse characters and aligns himself with the good tree spirits. Kessler and the good spirits go against the evil humans and the bad tree spirits in a classic story of good vs. evil.
Publishing Date:2012-03-30

Year Without Christmas: A Novel

Author: John M. Wills
A small town family's peace is shattered when a tragic accident sends them plunging into the darkest times they have ever known. The members struggle with their new reality, as the husband disappears and his grandson faces a life-threatening disease. A tale about loss and unwavering hope. The Year Without Christmas demonstrates the power of love, faith and a family's will to survive.
Publishing Date:2013-10-01
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