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Non Fiction books by former FBI agents

784 Broadway

Author: James Ring
James Ring follows his first book, terrorist-thriller Necessary Assets, with a family remembrance titled 784 Broadway. Using short stories and vignettes, Ring shares memorable childhood summers spent with his Italian immigrant great grandmother, great uncles and aunt, working the family greengrocer store in Kingston, NY. Stories also include learning about camp life, nature, hunting, fishing and community at the family camp overlooking the Ashokan Reservoir in nearby West Hurley. Ring credits his family with many positive life lessons that enhanced his 25 year career as an FBI Agent.
Publishing Date:2015-03-13

A G-Man's Journal

Author: Oliver
A former Assistant Director of the FBI tells of his career and the cases he was involved in, both as an investigator and a supervisor. Included are the JFK assassination, Watergate, the Iran hostage crisis, Mafia hit men and the Ku Klux Klan. Of particular interest is his personal conversations with J. Edgar Hoover.
Publishing Date:October 1, 1998

A Journey to the Center of the Mind, Book 1

Author: James Fitzgerald
Jim Fitzgerald recounts his experiences during the 1960s and 1970s in this sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, but always moving portrait of an FBI profiler as young man. From his first ever successful investigation at six years old, face-offs with childhood bullies, and encounters with naked-ish neighborhood interlopers; to high school and college antics, lifeguard summers, friends, including a future convicted killer "friend"; from early admiration for and later run-ins with law enforcement to his stint as store detective and ultimately his graduation from the Police Academy, Fitzgerald shares the good, the bad, and the not-so-pretty of his early life's journey.
Publishing Date:2014-08-15

ABCs of Behavioral Forensics

Author: Joseph W. Koletar; Sridhar Ramamoorti; Kelly Pope
Fraud surrounds us - from Enron to Madoff to the collapse of Wall Street. Yet, we simply write it off as "greed." That is too simple an explanation. Why do nice people and rich people steal? The book explores the psychological motivations behind such behavior
Publishing Date:2013-09-23

Agent Bishop: True Stories from an FBI Agent...

Author: Mike McPheters
When Mike McPheters got his dream job as an FBI Agent, he never thought he would also be called as a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints bishop. Follow McPheters as he recalls his adventures as an FBI Agent and inspiration as a bishop. As he fought crime with a pistol in one hand and scriptures in the other, he learned the importance of obedience in both jobs. Filled with surprises and unexpected thrills, and told with humor and ease, this book is the perfect memoir for the FBI Agent in all of us!
Publishing Date:August 8, 2009

American Indian Mafia

Author: Joseph H. Trimbach and John M. Trimbach
A former FBI Agent tells the truth about the courageous efforts of federal law enforcement at Wounded Knee and Pine Ridge and exposes the violence and intimidation of the American Indian Movement and Leonard Peltier.
Publishing Date:December 12, 2007

Anatomy of Motive

Author: John Douglas, Mark Olshaker
Douglas, a former FBI Profiler, and Olshaker, a journalist, enter the mind of a serial killer and the thought processes that lead to bloodshed. Some of the cases discussed are the mass murder of 16 children in Scotland, the Atlanta child murders and Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber.
Publishing Date:July 1, 2000

Avoiding the Sudden Stop: Guiding Ranier and Other

Author: George Heuston
Grab your wooden ice axe and course nylon ropes because you are about to embark on a 1960s style mountain adventure - and there's sure to be plenty of fun, fear and excitement along the way. At just 7 years old, George Heuston was a full-fledged mountaineer- climbing and guiding up picturesque Mt. Ranier as one of the youngest climbers in the Pacific Northwest. Now, decades later, he shares his most unique experiences in Avoiding the Sudden Stop, a collection of memories, reflections and chronicles from a youth and young adulthood spent among the regions most rugged peaks. Written from his own perspective as a younger man, Heuston's book captures a different era of mountain climbing, when men braved the elements with wool clothing, cold leather boots and other antiquated gear. But above all, it is a coming-of-age story that explores not only the lifelong appreciation for the sport of climbing, but also relationships with friends and colleagues, changing life perspectives and how journeying into the mountains changed everything for this passionate young mountaineer.
Publishing Date:2015-01-07

Betrayal: Whitey Bulgar and the FBI Agent Who ...

Author: Robert Fitzpatrick and Jon Land
A poor kid from the slums, Robert Fitzpatrick grew up to become a stellar FBI Agent who challenged the country's deadliest gangsters. Relentless in his desire to catch, prosecute and convict Whitey Bulgar, Fitzpatrick fought the nations most determined cop-gangster battle since Melvin Purvis hunted, confronted and killed John Dillinger. In his crusade to bring Bulgar to justice, Fitzpatrick faced not only Whitey, but also corrupt FBI Agents along with political cronies and enablers from Boston to Washington who, in one way or another, blocked his efforts at every step. Even when Fitzpatrick discovered that the very organization to which he had sworn allegiance was his biggest obstacle, the agent continued to pursue Whitey and his gang knowing they were prepared to murder anyone who got in their way.
Publishing Date:January 3, 2012

Between Heaven and Hell

Author: James L. Whitmer
This compilation of short stories, exposing the police subculture, dream interpretation and symbolism, will take the reader on a journey into the psychological underpinnings of the human mind. The primordial battle between good and evil continues on a day to day basis in the lives of those who are exposed to the various scenarios presented by the author. Sometimes what one imagines is not always what is reality. We all are, at various moments in our lives, on the edge of the abyss, wondering if there is a way out.
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Beyond Cold Blood: The KBI from Ma Barker to BTK

Author: Larry Welch
Larry Welch, the 10th Director of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, gives the first history of that agency from 1939 to 2007. The bureau's earlier assignments included bank robbery, homicide, gangsters and cattle rustling. Welch reveals how KBI agents played as key role in capturing Richard Hickock and Perry Smith of "In Cold Blood" fame; also details concerning the high-profile arrests of serial killers, Francis Donald Nemechek and Dennis Rader, the famous BTK of Wichita. Welch directed the KBI from 1994 to 2007 and was an FBI agent from 1961 to 1986.
Publishing Date:September 27, 2012

Big Bills Only

Author: Jerry Webb
This is a true story of a bank extortion in 1984 in Dallas, TX. The author, Jerry Webb, was the case agent with less than 2 years on the job. The prosecutor was a Texas legend who prosecuted Jack Ruby. Webb tried to convince himself that he was not in over his head. Some days were harder than others to manage that.
Publishing Date:2015-09-11

Breaking Iraq, The Ten Mistakes That Broke Iraq...

Author: Colonel Ted Spain, Terry Turchie
The unvarnished account of a Brigade Commanders tour of duty in Baghdad during the first chaotic year following the 2003 American invasion of Iraq. What went wrong and what was wrong with the US military is closely examined. The book's forward is written by Pultzer prize winning author Tom Ricks. Finalist for the ForeWord Magazine Book or the Year Award in the War and Military category in 2013.
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Bribery and Corruption Casebook: The View from ...

Author: Joseph T. Wells; Laura Hymes
Joseph T. Wells is a former FBI Agent and the founder of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). Laura Hymes is also with ACFE. This book is a compilation of actual cases written and submitted by the investigator involved, outlining how the corruption or fraud came to light, how the investigation was conducted and the perpetrators brought to justice. Although written for investigators, auditors or corporate lawyers, the material would be interesting to anyone who has an interest in crime and corruption.
Publishing Date:Select Date

Bullets, Bombs and Fast Talk

Author: James Botting
The author is one of the first members of the FBI's International Critical Incident Negotiation Team and was a long time member of the Los Angeles Crisis Negotiation Team, as well as the SWAT team. He describes his role in Wounded Knee, the Patty Hearst kidnapping, TWA 847, the Cuban prison riots, Rodney King, Ruby Ridge and Waco. He recounts all these and more in a blunt, honest and often humorous detail as only a participant can. He relates a number of times when he stared down death and came out unscathed.
Publishing Date:October 31, 2008

C-1 and the Chicago Mob

Author: Vincent L. Inserra
This book is a tribute to all of the Agents who were assigned to Criminal Sqad #1, more commonly referred to as the C-1 Squad, the Chicago Division of the FBI from 1957 to 1976, a period of 19 years. These agents were pioneers who were required to wage war against one of the most powerfully entrenched organized crime organizations in the country since the days of Al Capone. It was a time when the FBI did not have all the tools or legislation necessary to combat organized crime, but they accomplished their goals aggressively with whatever means were available. This is a story of the unique challenges confronting these dedicated Agents and the incomparable results achieved, which resulted in severely disrupting and curtailing the activities of the Chicago mob. Mr. Inserra also chronicles parts of his career prior to and following his FBI experiences.
Publishing Date:2014-09-08

Combatting Arson for Profit-Advanced Techniques...

Author: J. David Schroeder; David J. Icove; Vernon Wherry
A textbook for arson investigators, the authors tell how to conduct an investigation and how to collect and handle documentary evidence. The book describes how to prepare and present a case and includes an anatomy of an arson for profit investigation.
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Cybervetting: Internet Searches for Vetting, Inv..

Author: Edward J. Appel
Relevant to investigators, researchers, legal and policy professionals, educators, law enforcement, intelligence and other practitioners, this book establishes the core skills, applicable techniques and suitable guidelines to greatly enhance their practices. The book includes the outcomes of recent legal cases relating to discoverable information on social media that have established guidelines for using the Internet for vetting, investigations and open source intelligence. It outlines new tools and tactics and indicates what is and isn't admissible under current laws. It also highlights current cybervetting methods, provides legal frameworks for Internet searching as part of Investigations and describes how to effectively integrate cybervetting into an existing screening procedure.
Publishing Date:2014-11-12

Dancing With Devils

Author: Robert D. Emerson
This book is about the author's law enforcement career. He started as a teenager, helping his father, the Sheriff of Chatham County, NC make arrests. After military service, the author was employed by the Office of Naval Intelligence, and worked closely with the FBI in NC. He became an FBI Agent for a short time and was assigned to a small office in Idaho. After leaving the FBI, he returned to NC to work for the state Bureau of Investigation. There he worked homicides, rapes, armed robberies, arson and drug cases. Each chapter of this book discusses a different unusual and exciting case and concludes with his most disturbing case, the kidnapping and murder of a 4 year old girl.
Publishing Date:Select Date

Death of Jimmy Hoffa

Author: Terrance F. McShane
The author, a former FBI Agent and Chairman of the Board of Monitors for the Teamsters, writes about his contacts with Hoffa and his associates on a regular basis. He also writes about meetings with Bobby Kennedy and J. Edgar Hoover; and one meeting with Hoffa at Grand Central Station. The author gives an authorative, but gory, account of how Hoffa was murdered and the truth about the disposal of his body.
Publishing Date:November 15, 2011

Degree Mills - The Billion Dollar Industry

Author: Allen Ezell and Dr. John Bear
Former FBI Agent Ezell and Dr. Bear write their second book on this topic, this time examining the sellers, the buyers, the law and the enforcers. The FBI's DIPSCAM investigations are covered in detail. This book looks at both people and animals with fake degrees and includes listings for unauthorized schools, accreditors and diploma counterfeiters. The authors advise, be diligent now or pay the price later.
Publishing Date:January 24, 2012

Digging for Disclosure

Author: Kenneth S. Springer, Joelle Scott
The author, an ex-FBI Agent and white collar crime expert, provides practical advice to investors on how to prevent investment fraud through entertaining stories that illustrate the importance of knowing potential business partners. The book looks at infamous ponzi schemers, Madoff, Bayou, Stanford and others and shows what an investors good due diligence would have uncovered.
Publishing Date:December 18, 2010

Don't Shoot! We're Republicans!

Author: Jack Owens
Jack Owens uses both humor and drama in this memoir of his 30 years in the FBI. Covering his time spent working undercover in counterintelligence, the FBI SWAT team and recruiting blacks and women to the Bureau ranks, Don't Shoot! We're Republicans! is both entertaining and informative.
Publishing Date:August 15, 2009

Donnie Brasco

Author: Joseph Pistone
FBI Agent Joseph Pistone, as Donnie Brasco, infiltrated the Mafia and for six years, associated with soldiers, connected guys, captains and godfathers. He was so deep undercover that only a few fellow FBI Agents knew of his true identity and FBI surveillance teams reported on him as with other Mafioso. This is his hair-raising story as he tells of the activities and dealings of the crime families in this successful sting operation.
Publishing Date:Feb. 1, 1997

Donnie Brasco: Unfinished Business

Author: Joseph Pistone
Pistone, as Donnie Brasco, was undercover in the Mafia for six years. He was so deep that only a few fellow FBI Agents knew of this sting operation. Pistone tells of his experience in his first book, "Donnie Brasco." This sequel follows the trials that emasculated the five New York Mafia families. Pistone can now go into even more detail concerning his undercover experience, the close calls and the problems of being so deep undercover that you have problems distinguishing who you really are.
Publishing Date:June 9, 2008

Endless Enemies: Inside FBI Counterterrorism

Author: Raymond W. Holcomb
The author, a former FBI counterterrorism agent, provides detailed information about prison conditions and interrogation techniques in Guantanamo and Afghanistan. He also created and led the FBI's elite cadre of counterterrorism agents who had a principal role in every major post-9/11 investigation, including the infiltration of homegrown conspiracies.

Publishing Date:June 30,2011

Eyes Pried Open: Rookie FBI Agent

Author: Vincent Sellers
In 2005, Vincent Sellers successfully managed to leave behind a dreary corporate cubicle landscape and begin the exciting challenges of a crime-fighting FBI Agent. His journey is chronicled in this memoir. The requirements and challenges involved in becoming an FBI Agent, including applying, testing and undergoing rigorous training at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, are described in detail. Readers will experience both the highs and lows of an FBI Agent working bank robbery, kidnapping, murder-for-hire cases, and border related crimes in San Diego, California.
Publishing Date:2014-11-06

Facing Down Evil

Author: Clint VanZandt, Daniel Paisner
VanZandt, a former FBI Hostage Negotiator, discloses the secrets of negotiating a high-profile hostage stand-off. He writes about cases he negotiated, including a bank robbery in Rochester, NY, a confrontation with a white supremacist group in Arkansas, a prisoner rebellion in Alabama and a corporate executive taken hostage in the Phillipines.
Publishing Date:September 4, 2007

FBI - KGB War, The

Author: Robert J. Lamphere and Tom Schachtman
The author, an FBI Agent in the 40s and 50s, was an expert on Soviet espionage in the United States. He discusses his role in well publicized spy cases, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Harry Gold and Judith Coplon. He also worked with the Army Security Agency in breaking the Russian Espionage Code Book.
Publishing Date:June 1, 1995

FBI and I, The

Author: Curtis O. Lynum
An autobiography of the author who had a 26 year career in the FBI. Lynum gives a first person account of the various investigations he was involved in, from surveillances during World War II, to the Las Vegas gangster years and the Frank Sinatra Jr. kidnapping.
Publishing Date:February 15, 2005

FBI Diaries: Home Grown Terror

Author: Peter Klismet, Jr.
It was late May, 1998 when FBI Agent Peter Klismet, Jr.'s pager went off. His Supervisor in Denver told him to get to Cortez, Colorado, where Cortez Police Officer Dale Claxton had been shot nearly 30 times after pulling over a truck. Early in the investigation, the police identified three suspects and a massive manhunt ensued. While sightings were reported throughout the area, none of the men were arrested. Over the next decade, police recovered the bodies of the three men. How did they die? Whether it was suicide or the men turned on each other remains up for debate. This book is unique in that Klismet offers the reader an inside look at the investigation process. Often the FBI is credited with solving a case, but, Klismet said, cooperation between several agencies was key in this investigation.
Publishing Date:2015-05-14

FBI Diary: Profiles in Evil

Author: Peter M. Klismet Jr.
Pete Klismet's book chronicles parts of his career, including his training as one of the FBI's first field profilers. Included in the book are a number of investigations he worked on, including a profile on an elderly woman's murder, which was ignored by law enforcement. Klismet relates what he called an ill-conceived investigation that has been described as the greatest miscarriage of justice in American history. It eventually resulted in the arrest and conviction of six innocent people, and their incarceration that collectively equalled nearly 70 years. Twenty years later, DNA proved that Klismet's profile was correct on virtually every point.
Publishing Date:Select Date

FBI Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity: An Autobiography

Author: James R. Wright
Now retired after a 26 year career as an FBI Agent, the author discusses some of the high-profile cases he was part of: the Patty Hearst kidnapping, the Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple mass suicide, the Unabomber case, the Chowchilla kidnapping of 26 children and many more.
Publishing Date:October 28, 2009

FBI Special Agents are Real People

Author: Al Zupan
A collection of true stories written by current and retired Special Agents of the FBI. Some are humorous, some dramatic or sad, but all memorable. These are the types of stories told agent to agent over a cup of coffee, or a drink, at retirement parties or other social gatherings. Here, for the first time, they are put in print for everyone to read and for the public to realize that FBI Special Agents are real people.
Publishing Date:2015-01-02

Fools Mate: A True Story of Espionage at Nat...

Author: John Whiteside
This book is the true story of the Robert Stephan Lipka espionage case. It tells the story of two traitors working different sides of the Cold War. One is an arrogant, lonely US Army soldier serving in the highly secretive National Security Agency. The other is an ambitious KGB officer with access to the USSR's most sensitive documents. Both betray their countries, but their fates and motivations are very different. At the height of the Cold War in September, 1965, disgruntled US soldier Robert Stephan Lipka walked boldly into the USSR Embassy in Washington, DC. Inside, he negotiated the sale of highly sensitive NSA documents. The price he demanded for his treason? A mere $400. Whiteside reconstructs the Lipka investigation through his eyes as the FBI Special Agent who led the case from start to finish, telling a story as relevant today as it was in 1965.
Publishing Date:2014-01-15

Forgotten Times Remembered: During the Great De...

Author: Robert R. Glendon
The author looks through the eyes of a boy growing up during the 1930's Great Depression and narrates a story of the love and determination of his Scots mother to keep a roof over her family's head. He relates the efforts of his older siblings to find work when the country was mired in massive unemployment and of the daily struggle of his family to stay afloat. In spite of the hardships, Glendon says this is a story of optimism, of a time when there where front porches, and of a time when neighbors' help was essential to life itself. It is a warm look at a grim time when laughter covered grim reality.
Publishing Date:2011-09-08

Fraud Exposed: What You Don't Know Could Cost...

Author: Joseph W. Koletar
Fraud takes many forms. Occupational fraud involves an employee stealing from the organization that employs them. It costs the average organization over five percent of revenue a year. Just in the US, it is a trillion dollar problem. World-wide, it's bigger. This book discusses actual cases and preventive measures.
Publishing Date:Select Date

From an Office Building with a High Powered Rifle

Author: Don Adams
The author, a former FBI Agent, writes of his journey over the past 50 years since the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. On November 13, 1963 Adams was given the assignment to investigate Joseph Milteer, a man who made threats against the President. Two weeks later, President Kennedy was dead. The author was asked to locate and interview Milteer, but to only ask 5 specific questions, then release him. He was puzzled by this request, but did as he was told. Years late, he read in a report that Milteer not only threatened the President, but stated that he would be killed from an office building with a high powered rifle. Since that time, the author has compiled evidence and research from every avenue available to him to produce a compelling investigation that may raise more questions than answers.
Publishing Date:Select Date

G-Man and the Diamond King - A True FBI Story...

Author: William E. Plunkett
In the summer of 1935, a nasty career criminal by the name of George Barrett shot to death a young FBI Agent, Nelson Klein, in the town of College Corner. The town straddled the state line and Barrett shot from Indiana and Klein, assigned to the Cincinnati FBI Office, fell dead in Ohio. The case made national headlines since Klein was the first FBI Agent killed in the line of duty; also Barrett, a one-time Kentucky moonshiner who killed his own mother, was the first to be executed for the murder of a government agent under a new federal statute. Barrett's verdict was death by hanging, but Indiana did not use the gallows, so an Illinois gallows was dismantled and re-assembled in Indiana for the execution. This is but one story of the dangerous, but exiting decade of the 30s.
Publishing Date:2015-05-08

Going Knee to Knee (Confessions, Tales and ...)

Author: William J. Warner
Warner takes you inside the polygraph suite, inside the minds of the polygraph examiner and his subjects. As the tension rises, feel the sweat on the brow, see the tears drop as conniving perpetrators give up the truth of spin their tales. Warner places the reader in the room as a witness to the dialogue between the individual sitting across from his accuser, torn between surrendering the truth while the desire of telling a falsehood works as a concoction of poison that grips the soul. Validating stories taken from actual events written as a tribute to the FBI's Polygraph Program.
Publishing Date:2014-02-11

Hero Among Us: Memoirs of a FBI Witness Hunter

Author: Jim Ingram; James Dickerson
FBI Special Agent Jim Ingram was a larger-than-life symbol of American justice, a Klan busting crime fighter, who was involved in some of the highest profile cases of the 1960s and 1970s. Ingram supervised the civil rights desk in Mississippi in the 60s during the Mississippi Burning years and was instrumental in breaking the back of the KKK. He later headed up the New York City and Chicago Divisions and rose to the position of Deputy Assistant Director of the Criminal Division of the FBI. He retired in 1982, but afterwards was asked by the FBI to work with them on cold-case civil rights murders in Mississippi. His efforts led to several convictions. The author died in 2009, but not before he was able to tell his story in his own words.
Publishing Date:2013-11-20

Homeland Insecurity, How Washington Politicians...

Author: Terry Turchie, Kathleen Puckett, PhD
Profiling 15 politicians from both parties and dissecting their key decisions, the authors illustrate how the quest for power by some of America's best known leaders supplanted the best interests of the country and have made America less safe. An astonishing indictment of America's political machines. Finalist for the ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year, 2008 and winner of both the Freedom Fighter of the Year Silver Award and the Benjamin Franklin Silver book award for 2008.
Publishing Date:Select Date

Hoover's FBI

Author: Cartha D. DeLoach
The author, during the 1960's, was the #3 man in the FBI and one of J. Edgar Hoover's most trusted deputies. He gives an insiders view of the Kennedy and Martin Luther King assassinations, the FBI crusades against organized crime and the Communist Party and even discusses Hoover's disputed sexual orientation and Hoover's alleged "secret files."
Publishing Date:June 25, 1995

How to Spot Lies Like the FBI

Author: Mark Bouton
The author draws on more than three decades of FBI experience to present methods for spotting liars in everyday life. He shows how to interpret body language, facial expressions and verbal cues to spot people trying to deceive you.
Publishing Date:May 22, 2010

In Defense of Self and Others-...Facts - Fallacies

Author: Urey W. Patrick, John C. Hall
Numerous case histories are cited to illustrate how and why law enforcement officers make quick decisions re the use of deadly force. Chapters discuss tactics and training and the physiological factors of high intensity stress. Used as a text book at many police academies and the FBI Academy.
Publishing Date:2010-10-01

Intelligence-Based Security in Private Industry

Author: Thomas A. Trier
In this book, the author identifies the inherent need and desire for intelligence-based security that exists throughout the private security industry. He provides a general overview of intelligence-based security and specific implementation guidelines to reduce private businesses risk and vulnerability to criminal activities. The book is practical and informational, demonstrating real applications of the concepts, theories and methods of gathering and acting upon information that may suggest a threat to a company.
Publishing Date:2015-06-22

Into the Devil's Den: How an FBI Informant Got

Author: Dave Hall; Tym Burkey; Katherine Ramsland
Dave Hall was a huge man, a former biker who was an expert in martial arts. He was also thoughtful and articulate and looking for new direction in his life. When FBI Special Agent Tym Burkey gave him this choice, jail for a minor drug violation, or infiltrate the Aryan Nation, a violent domestic terrorist group. Thus began a special relationship between a by-the-book FBI agent and a former biker. Hall worked his way into a position at the right of the charismatic leader of the Ohio Aryan Nation. But not without it's toll. The threat to Hall of discovery and possible death lead to insomnia, night terrors and panic attacks and eventual estrangement from his family. A true story of dedication and trust and a friendship that each would cherish in the years ahead.
Publishing Date:April 15, 2008

Introduction to Intelligence Studies

Author: Carl Jensen; David McElreath; Melissa Graves
This book provides a comprehensive overview of intelligence and security issues, defining critical terms, and reviewing the history of intelligence as practiced in the United States. Designed in a practical sequence, the book begins with the basics of intelligence, progresses through its history, describes best practices and explores the way the IC looks and operates today. Each chapter begins with objectives and key terms and closes with questions to test reader assimilation. The authors examine the "pillars" of the American intelligence system - collection, analysis, counterintelligence, and covert operations - and demonstrate how these work together to provide "decision advantage."
Publishing Date:2012-11-26

Last Undercover: The True Story of FBI Agent's...

Author: Bob Hamer
During 25 years of the author's FBI career, he operated as an undercover agent, acting as a drug dealer and killer for hire and infiltrating various criminal enterprises. His most challenging assignment, however, was to infiltrate and develop criminal information on the North American Man/Boy Love Association, an international organization of pedophiles. The psychological challenge of posing as a pedophile proved to be the most difficult of his career.
Publishing Date:September 2, 2008

Legal Pathway of God, The

Author: O. Thaxter Blalock, Jr.
The author walks readers through the Bible in this book and, along the way, explains what he calls the legal pathway that God was required to follow to accomplish God's will and purpose for man. Blalock Biblically documents how God was legally limited by his holy nature and his covenants with man to provide man with the opportunity to be restored to a righteous relationship.
Publishing Date:2014-01-13

Lessons From the Street: Officer Survival and T...

Author: John M. Wills
A collection of published articles on such topics as officer survival, police training, fitness, firearms and ethics. Articles are all based on the authors experiences as a Chicago police officer and an FBI Agent.
Publishing Date:Select Date

Making Jack Falcone: An Undercover FBI Agent

Author: Joaquin Garcia
The author spent 26 years as an FBI Agent, primarily working undercover assignments. He was a money launderer in Philadelphia and handled stolen property and dealt with dirty cops in Miami. His most memorable assignment, however, and the purpose of this book is to detail his infiltration of the LaCosNostra, the New York Mafia. Garcia, under the alias of Jack Falcone, worked his way into being a crew member for Greg DePalma, a Gambino capo. This years long investigation resulted in the crippling arrest of members of the Gambino family.
Publishing Date:October 13, 2008

Matador of Murder: An FBI Agent's Journey in ...

Author: Patrick J. Mullaney
Over the centuries, mankind has demonstrated a deep capacity to inflict tremendously dark violence upon itself. Whether it's beheadings, car bombings, serial killings or random shootings, giving innocent victims a voice from the grave is what good police work is all about. In the early 1970s, the author, together with fellow FBI instructor Howard Teten, pioneered the concept of offender profiling for law enforcement. By examining cases including the murders of Robert Kennedy, Sharon Tate and Susan Jaeger, as well as several kidnapping cases, this book lays out various types of mental diseases and illnesses and the crimes those suffering from them tend to gravitate toward. This book is a unique window into the historical beginning of criminal psychological profiling and how it can be used in solving a criminal case.
Publishing Date:2015-10-02

Mind Hunter

Author: John Douglas, Mark Olshaker
John Douglas, formerly the head of the Investigative Support Unit of the FBI and a profiler of serial killers, joins with Mark Olshaker, a novelist, to discuss some of the most notorious and sadistic serial killers of our time including the Atlanta child murderer and the Green River killer.
Publishing Date:August 1, 1996

Murder in Harrill Hills

Author: R. S. Allen
In March, 1951 Fred Hankins returned home to find his wife in a pool of blood at the top of the basement steps. She had been shot once in the head and died an hour later. There was no motive and no indication of sexual assault. Only her wristwatch was missing. A suspect was arrested and released two years later. In November, 1954 compelling evidence was developed against a second suspect, a career burglar, but prosecutors refused to indict without a confession. Was this the right decision? Was there enough evidence to sustain a conviction? You be the judge.
Publishing Date:Select Date


Author: Louis J. Freeh
The author, a former FBI Agent, federal prosecutor and federal judge, became FBI Director in 1993. This book tells of his upbringing in New Jersey, law school, career as a field agent and prosecutor and finally the head of the FBI. He writes about organized crime in NY, the Khobar Towers case in Saudi Arabia, the Oklahoma City federal building bombing and his run-ins with President Clinton.
Publishing Date:October 3, 2006

Night of the Full Moon

Author: Herbert D. Clough
The author was the Special Agent in Charge of the Los Angeles FBI Office when socialite Elaine Chaddick of Palm Springs was kidnapped. This is the story of the four days that tested the stamina and faith of the victim and her husband, as well as the professional skills of the FBI, the Palm Springs Police Department and the Riverside and San Bernardino County Sheriff's Deparments.
Publishing Date:July 1, 2008

No Heroes

Author: Danny O. Coulson, Elaine Shannon
A 30 year FBI veteran writes about his cases, most notably the Ruby Ridge confrontation and the Oklahoma City bombing. Coulson also developed the FBI's first Hostage Rescue Team.
Publishing Date:March 1, 1999

Not Released Unharmed: Kidnap Victims

Author: Donald L. Smith
The author, a retired FBI Agent, reviews a number of FBI kidnapping cases, including the high profile Lindbergh (1932) and Weinberger (1956) kidnappings. The author includes an interview of an 80 year old male, who was a kidnap victim in 1935.
Publishing Date:December 1, 2007


Author: John Douglas, Mark Olshaker
John Douglas was formerly the head of the FBI's Investigative Support Unit and was a pioneer in the profiling of serial killers. With Mark Olshaker, a novelist and journalist, they take the reader behind the scenes to look at obsessions that lead to rape, stalking and sexual murder.
Publishing Date:November 1, 1998

On Scene Commander

Author: Weldon L. Kennedy
Take an inside look at the FBI and it's operations from career Special Agent and former Second-In-Command Weldon L. Kennedy. During his 33 year career, Kennedy rose from a street agent to the position of Deputy Director, the highest non-political appointment in the organization. Kennedy's insightful memoir reveals insider details about two major historical FBI cases - the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary riot in 1987 and the Oklahoma City bombing of the Murrah building in 1995.
Publishing Date:Select Date

On the Laser's Edge

Author: Sharon Thatcher, Thomas E. Burg
A true story of Mike Muckerheide, a laser scientist and a pioneer in developing lasers, who went undercover under the direction of the FBI for three years to collect evidence and thwart right wing terrorists.
Publishing Date:May 18, 2007

Open City: True Story of the KC Crime Family

Author: William Ouseley
The author, a 25 year FBI veteran and who was the Supervisor of the Kansas City Organized Crime Squad, traces the 50 year growth of organized crime in Kansas City. Ouseley starts with "family" roots in Southern Italy, then the "Black Hand" extortionists in the early 1900's, through prohibition and it's alliance with the Pendergast machine and finally, La Cosa Nostra.
Publishing Date:June 12, 2008

Operation Greylord: The True Story of an Untrained

Author: Terrance Hake, Wayne Klatt
In 1980, Terrance Hake was a young prosecutor in Chicago, where he complained about the judges taking bribes to fix cases. He was recruited by the FBI to work undercover in Operation Graylord, an undercover investigation of the Cook County Courts. For over 3 1/2 years, Hake posed as a corrupt prosecutor, accepting bribes from criminal defense attorneys, then as a corrupt defense attorney, paying bribes for the dismissal of cases. As a corrupt defense attorney, he represented dozens of undercover FBI Special Agents, who came to Chicago to pose as criminal defendants in FBI-created criminal cases. While working undercover, Hake became an FBI Special Agent. Operation Graylord is one of the FBI's most successful undercover investigations.
Publishing Date:2015-08-07

Origins of FBI Counterintelligence

Author: Raymond J. Batvinis
Former FBI Agent Batvinis, who served in the FBI's Intelligence Division, chronicals the FBI's growth from a law enforcement agency into a counterespionage and counterintelligence service. He takes readers behind the scenes as the State Department and the FBI competed for control of counterintelligence and tells how the agency combined it's crime fighting expertise with it's new wiretapping authority to spy on foreign agents. The author uses newly declassified documents and interviews with other former Agents to reconstruct the FBI's achievements and failures in this area.
Publishing Date:March 10, 2009

Osage Indian Murders: The True Story...

Author: Lawrence Hogan
In the 1920s, a number of white men and women were attracted to Northern Oklahoma in pursuit of wealth. Osage land, which had been in tribal possession since the 1870s, was found to contain oil. Countless ways were devised to cheat Indians out of their money. One of these ways was murder. The author, an FBI Agent in the 1950s, was tasked by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover to review the files regarding these murders and complete the necessary investigation to bring the murderers to justice. The book contains over 50 photos and illustrations.
Publishing Date:May, 1998

Perry's Camp Murders

Author: R. S. Allen and Steve O. Watson
"In 1949, Charlie Perry and Josie Law were brutally murdered at Gatlinburg's first tourist court by three co-conspirators led by a cold-blooded killer seeking revenge and a 1940 Ford." This is how author Robert Allen remembers, as a child, his first experience with homicide. Allen and Steve Watson, a seasoned and retired homicide investigator with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, details the evidence of these horrific crimes. The book also summarizes and compares Sevier County, TN murders that occurred before and after 1949.
Publishing Date:August 14, 2009

Phase Line Green - The FCI Talladega Hostage Res.

Author: James A. McGee
The author is a former member of the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team (HRT). This is his personal account of events surrounding the 1991 rescue of nine hostages held captive by Cuban inmates inside the Federal Correctional Institute (FCI) in Talladega, AL. The stakes were raised when the Cubans placed the ID cards of hostages in a pillowcase and drew the name of the first hostage to be murdered if demands were not met. The FBI's Hostage Rescue Team was assigned to save the lives of the hostages, resulting in one of law enforcement's greatest success stories.
Publishing Date:May 26, 2009

Pick Up Your Own Brass: Leadership the FBI Way

Author: Kathleen McChesney; William Gavin
By using FBI case histories to convey key points, this book reveals the leadership qualities that have enabled the FBI to navigate through a century of wars, espionage, organized crime, terrorism, fraud and corruption. The title refers to leaders who pickup their own brass casings at the firing line rather have someone else do it for them and is indicative of a persons overall management style.
Publishing Date:2011-05-01

Pizza Bomber; The Untold Story of America's Most..

Author: Gerald Clark; Ed Palattella
In August, 2003, in an Erie, PA suburb, Brian Wells, a pizza deliveryman, had a bomb locked to his neck and was sent off to rob a bank. After taking the money, he was supposed to go on a scavenger hunt to find clues to disarm the bomb. The plot did not go according to plan. The police stopped Wells shortly after he left the bank and he never found the clues he needed to survive. The bomb went off while he sat in a police cruiser. The FBI made it a major case and the public knew it as the "pizza bomber case." The investigation and prosecution took 10 years. The author, the lead investigator in the case, relied on his training in forensic psychology to piece together what actually happened and to find an answer to the ultimate question, "Was Brian Wells a participant or a victim?"
Publishing Date:2012-11-06

Priceless: How I Went Undercover to Rescue ...

Author: Robert K. Wittman and John Shiffman
Wittman, a retired FBI Agent and founder of the FBI's Art Crime Team, frequently went undercover unarmed to catch art thieves, scammers and black market traders in cities around the world. In this international thriller, he writes about recovering priceless art and antiquities.
Publishing Date:June 1, 2010

Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Mus

Author: John Guandolo
Raising a Jihadi Generation lays out the jihadi network in the US, which is controlled by the US Muslim Brotherhood (MB). Using evidence from major counter-terrorism trials, MB doctrine and investigative findings, this book paints a vivid picture of the Brotherhood's massive network - thousands of organizations - which train, equip, prepare and support juhadi operations here and overseas.
Publishing Date:2013-09-10

Rattenkrieg! The Art and Science....Battle Pistol

Author: Bob Taubert
In addition to information about advanced pistol fighting tactics, techniques and equipment, this book contains unique material. Chapter topics include "Ballistic Shield and CQB Shooting," "Vehicle Assault Shooting Techniques" and "Close Quarters Battle Pistol Drills," which consist of 25 training drills that can be set up and run on standard firing ranges by the advanced practitioner. Bob Taubert is a Marine Corps combat veteran and former FBI Agent. He is an internationally recognized subject matter expert on all aspects of Close Quarter Battle. He played a direct role in the establishment and training of the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team and the DEA's Operation Snowcap.
Publishing Date:2012-07-01

Religiosity of Evil

Author: James L. Whitmer
The Religiosity of Evil explores man's struggle within himself, balancing good against evil and arriving at outcomes that oftentimes are difficult to explain. This compilation of short stories from the Wasteland requires the reader to delve into the inner confines of his own soul and weigh his or her own concepts of good and evil in assembling meaning from the actions of the characters. When dealing with religiosity, one must keep in mind that one man's religiosity is another man's evil.
Publishing Date:Select Date

Rethinking Risk: How Companies Sabotage Them...

Author: Joseph W. Koletar
Most organizations, no matter how big or well-known, make mistakes in thinking about and dealing with risk. That is why people, like the author, exist, but we come in after the damage has been done. This book uses case histories to illustrate why the same mistakes keep happening.
Publishing Date:2010-08-27

Rico: How Politicians, Prosecutors and the Mob....

Author: Joe Wolfinger, Chris Kerr, Jerry Seper
In 2003, Paul Rico, a retired FBI Agent, was arrested for the murder in 1981 of a Tulsa businessman, Roger Wheeler. Rico died a few months later before he could go to trial or even have a preliminary hearing. Authors Wolfinger and Kerr did not know Rico personally, but knew of his reputation as a great Agent and a good man. They conducted over 100 interviews of retired FBI Agents, current and former state and local police officers, deputies and prosecutors. With regard to the murder, they located evidence, examined court documents and conducted extensive interviews that refuted every allegation against Rico. The book clearly exposes as false the information widely and wrongly circulated about Rico and clearly shows that his alleged connection to the 1981 murder was the work of two desperate Boston mobsters. Jerry Seper is a veteran newsman who assisted in organizing and focusing the investigation.
Publishing Date:Select Date

Scotbomb: Evidence and the Lockerbie Investigation

Author: Richard A. Marquise
Pan Am Flight 103 exploded over Lockerbie, Scotland on December 21, 1988. 259 passengers and crew, including 189 Americans, were killed. 11 Lockerbie residents were killed by falling debris. In 1991, two Libyan agents were indicted and after a trial in a Scottish court in the Netherlands in 1999, one was convicted. He was released from prison in 2009 and died in Libya in 2012. The author led the FBI investigation and recounts events leading up to the attack, as well as details of the investigation and trial.
Publishing Date:October 1, 2006

Simple Truths

Author: Jon Hersley; Larry Tongate; Bob Burke
The world was stunned on April 19, 1995 by the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City that killed 168 men, women and children. In the aftermath of this horrific act, Americans did not want to believe that two clean-shaven, short-haired Army veterans could plan and carry out the most violent act of domestic terrorism in United States history. This book is a riveting, detailed explanation of the FBI's investigation - the largest criminal investigation in history. It is intended to provide a much-needed factual history of the case. It will dispel the various inaccurate and irresponsible theories that this notorious event spawned. This contribution to accuracy in history is the author's only purpose. Accordingly, they have declined any financial interest in the project. All proceeds go to the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum.
Publishing Date:2014-01-01

Stalling for Time: My Life as a Hostage Negotiator

Author: Gary Noesner
The author was an FBI Hostage Negotiator for 23 years. He draws on official reports, personal notes, memos and memories of conversations to recreate past hostage situations. The centerpiece of the book is his analysis of "what went wrong" at Waco with the Branch Davidians when the negotiators and tactical teams were working at cross purposes.
Publishing Date:September 21, 2010

Street Agent, The

Author: Wayne Manis
Within the FBI, the street agent is known as the heart of the Bureau. The author, Wayne Manis, was a street agent who traveled a diverse course throughout his career. He went undercover with the violent faction of The Weather Underground, he investigated the Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Nations and the Mafia. He was a team leader of an FBI SWAT team and as such, participated in shootouts with bank robbers and terrorists. Near the end of his career, he became the case agent in charge of the investigation of The Order, a violent terrorist organization which assassinated their enemies, committed bombings and robberies and had the weaponry to engage the FBI in armed confrontation. Manis survived a fiery confrontation with the leader of The Order at their secluded hideout. The author, now able to tell the tale of these incredible cases, gives the reader a no-holds-barred book providing a view inside the FBI on the street level where courage is an absolute necessity and dedication and resolution are never-ending.
Publishing Date:2014-09-16

Terrorism: Defensive Strategies for Individuals,..

Author: Lawrence J. Hogan
This book, a veritable encyclopedia of terrorism, brings together some of the country's leading experts on terrorism from the government, police departments and universities as well as computer, medical, biological and chemical specialists. It is essential for anyone who wants to know more about terrorism and it's history and to learn how to protect oneself against terrorists. International terrorist organizations in every part of the world are dissected with a listing of their terrorist acts, and estimate of their numbers and their strength and those countries which sponsor terrorist groups are listed.
Publishing Date:2001-10-01

Terrorism; An Investigator's Handbook

Author: William E. Dyson
The threat of terrorism should be of concern to all law enforcement officers because political extremists can function and attack anywhere. This handbook introduces the reader to the field of terrorism investigation. Describing how terrorists operate and how they differ from other criminals, it provides an outline of how terrorism investigations should be conducted. By helping investigators develop necessary skills and knowledge, this guide helps prepare prosecutable cases against terrorists. A practical handbook, it contains extensive appendices that cover what to do in response to a terrorist attack, what not to do, bringing terrorsts to justice, domestic terrorist attacks in 2008-2010, key terms and concepts and selected extremist terms.
Publishing Date:2011-09-02

Three Sisters Ponds: My Journey from Street Cop...

Author: Phillip B. J. Reid
This book is about pursuing your dreams and setting challenging and aggressive life goals. The author pursued his dreams through a 36 year law enforcement career as a Baltimore City policeman and FBI Agent. He was on a three day break from the trial in the Netherlands of the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing, where he was expected to testify. As he sat on a bench facing the Mediterranean Sea in the French Riviera, he chronicled the manifestation of the dreams and goals he launched 31 years earlier from another bench facing the Three Sisters Pond in Baltimore's Druid Hill Park.
Publishing Date:Select Date

Unabomber: How the FBI Broke It's Own Rules ......

Author: Donald Max Noel; Jim Freeman; Terry Turchie
This is a riveting insider account of the complex, fascinating 18 year domestic terrorism investigation, written by the three senior FBI Agents who directed the UNABOM Task Force's nationwide manhunt: San Francisco Special Agent in Charge Jim Freeman, Assistant Special Agent in Charge Terrie Turchie and Supervisor Max Noel. It's the story of the way the FBI was forced to change it's methods of operation, from the traditional media-shy Bureau of J. Edgar Hoover, to the technologically savvy and media friendly organization necessary to capture Theodore Kaczynski, the notorious Unabomber. A fascinating look into the investigation and capture of the notorious terrorist after the Bureau's 18 years of frustration.
Publishing Date:2014-06-17

Unlikely Priest, The

Author: J. Perry Smith
This memoir is a remarkable story of a man who led many lives - bullfighter, Trappist Monk, US Army counterintelligence agent, CIA operative, FBI Agent and finally, an Episcopal priest. Smith tells of close encounters with bulls, Viet Cong, spies and bank robbers and escapes from Mexico and Central America. It was, however, his faith and hope that sustained him in the search for himself and his one true father, God.
Publishing Date:September 30, 2011

Walking the Corporate Beat: Police School for ...

Author: Michael Tabman
The Mob, Drug Cartels, Undercover Operations, Terrorism Investigations, Street Crimes. What can we learn? Read true stories retired FBI Agent and ex-cop Michael Tabman relates to teach us some valuable life lessons. Tabman shares behind-the-scenes decision making that resulted in an operation either succeeding or failing. Readers will be intrigued by parallels between police work and daily life challenges and how basic law enforcement concepts can resolve problems and conflicts. The parallels are compelling. In an approach that captivates the reader, Tabman explains the similarities with candid descriptions and dramatic, and often humorous, vignettes from his days in the FBI and police force. Walking the Corporate Beat: Police School for Business People is a gift to anyone seeking new and effective ways to recognize and prevent problems.
Publishing Date:November 17, 2009

Way of the Wiseguy

Author: Joseph Pistone
FBI Agent Pistone worked undercover for six years infiltrating the Mafia as Donnie Brasco. His efforts led to over 100 prosecutions of Mafiosi and his experiences were detailed in his two previous books, "Donnie Brasco" and "Donnie Brasco: Unfinished Business." In this book, Pistone details the typical daily life of a wiseguy, how they take over a business, their family life, lack of moral codes etc. As an extra, the book also contains a CD of FBI surveillance audio, where the wiseguys talk about killing Brasco.
Publishing Date:April 12,2005

We're Going to Win This Thing: The Shocking Frame

Author: Lin DeVecchio and Charles Brandt
A true account of an FBI Agent who was highly successful in fighting the Mafia in New York City, but found himself being accused of taking bribes, selling information to the man who was his informant and even ordering four mob "hits." How did a highly respected FBI Agent become suspected of corruption and charged with four counts of murder.
Publishing Date:Feb.22, 2011


Author: Geoff Doyle
Whitemare is the compelling story of an international FBI investigation in what was the largest seizure of heroin in US history. It takes the reader behind the scenes in the making of this unparalleled spellbinding case and exposes, for the readers consideration, the factors which impacted daily on the agents and other investigators. It removes the myth and hype that surround many other law enforcement accounts of true crime while presenting the stress-filled and riveting moments along with the humorous, monotonous and frustrating ones. Whitemare is the unforgettable true story of a remarkable international law enforcement victory.
Publishing Date:2003-07-01

Whoever Fights Monsters

Author: Robert K. Ressler, Tom Shachtman
Robert Ressler, a former FBI Profiler, joins with Tom Shachtman, an author, to write about his case experience over 20 years, including interviews with serial killers Ted Bundy, Charles Manson and John Wayne Gacy. Ressler was also one of the developers of the FBI's system of personality profiling of violent offenders.
Publishing Date:March 15, 1993

Wife of the Accused Assassin

Author: Wallace Heitman
The author, a former FBI Agent, recounts his role in the Kennedy assassination investigation, including numerous interviews with Lee Harvey Oswald's wife, Marina. Also included are other investigations by Heitman and a chapter re J. Edgar Hoover.
Publishing Date:April 10,2007

Women Warriors: Stories From the Thin Blue LIne

Author: John M. Wills
A collection of true stories about women in law enforcement, written by the women who lived them. This unique cross section of authors includes patrol officers, investigators, chaplains, dispatchers and corrections officers.
Publishing Date:Select Date
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